Download your QPX

Once you’ve written out a QPX with no compile errors, you can download the file to your desktop where you can make changes and re-upload the file through the Survox Console. In the current version, once you make a change to your questionnaire and upload it through Upload Files in Project Setup, you CANNOT import the file back into the editor.

If you have created a multi-modal survey in both webCATI and webSurvent, you have the ability to download your QPX in both modes.

NOTE: You can only download your qpx after you’ve successfully performed the Write QPX command and written it out with no compile errors. 

  1. Click the Write QPX tab
  2. Select the mode you wish to write the questionnaire out to from the QPX File Options drop down menu, if a multi-mode project
  3. Choose Download QPX File to download the qpx to your desktop