Add, Modify and Delete Logic

There are two ways to add, modify or delete logic in your questions. Both methods require you to access the Logic Editor. By default, each respondent will get every question in the survey unless you add logic to limit the number of people who can access that question.

When adding logic, you have the ability to add simple logic conditions or add complex conditions with Boolean Operators (AND/OR). The program allows an unlimited number of conditionals and pairs of parentheses but there can be only one level of nesting (one or more pairs of parenthesis inside another pair of parenthesis).

When deleting logic, you can delete all or part of the IF condition. When modifying logic, you have the ability to change operators, response codes and groupings.

NOTE: You CANNOT add logic to the first question in the survey since there are no previous questions to use as a base.

The first method is to click the Logic tab from the menu bar. This will bring you directly into the Logic Editor where you can see a listing of all the questions you created on the left and assign your IF conditions on the right.


The second method is through Design View mode. Click the Design View tab from the menu bar at the top of the screen. Design View will show you a tree view design of your questionnaire. Next to each question, you will see an (Add Logic) link.