IVR Studies

Allows a user to update the IVRCONTROL file information to load an IVR study on the dialer. There must be IVR studies created on the system. You can add studies or delete studies. You can sort the information by studycode or by priority.

After selecting an environment, a screen will display with active IVR studies. It will show the StudyCode, IVR Type, DNIS, Dialer, Max Survents, Priority, Priority Weight, Queue Size Weight, and Queue Age Weight.

Inbound and Blended IVR studies need an ANI and DNIS number but Outbound IVR studies do not.  Priority, Priority Weight, Queue Size Weight and Queue Age Weight are options available but not used at this time.

You can sort the screen by study code or priority.  You can also filter the records by entering in a filter in the Filter On box.  The default is to display 20 studies on the screen but you can display up to 100.

  1. Click on the Manage tab
  2. Click Study Control
  3. Click IVR Studies
  4. Select an Environment from the drop down menu
  5. Select Add Records:
    1. Enter necessary information
    2. Click the “Save Record” button then close
  6. Select a record to delete:
    1. Click the “Delete” button
  7. Click Server Reload to refresh the screen

Add/Delete IVR Studies

To add a study, click on the “Add Records” button. A separate screen will display to fill in all of the necessary information.

add studies


To delete a study, click on the check box next to the study under the Delete column and click the “Delete” button. A popup will display asking if you want to delete and you click OK and the study will be deleted from the list.

delete studies