DNC Upload

DNC Upload allows users to upload a shopwide .dnc or a .dncprefix file to manage.  You can create a new DNC file or add to an existing DNC file.

All files need to have a .dnc or a .dncprefix extension and must be in ASCII format. Upon uploading, it will convert the file into a TR file.

  1. Click on the Manage tab
  2. Click Shop and Server
  3. Click DNC Upload
  4. Select an environment from the drop down menu
  5. Create a new shopwide DNC file by entering in a name in the Create New DNC box
  6. Add to an existing shopwide DNC file by selecting from the Add to Existing drop down menu
  7. Select a local file to upload
  8. Click the “Upload File(s)” button to upload the file



Video on uploading and managing shopwide DNC files