Stop Stations

The Stop Station feature allows you to stop either a webCATI and CATI station. You can stop a single station or multiple stations at a time. When stopping a webCATI station, you are clearing the authorization and disabling the interviewer to start a survey. Once a station has been cleared, you will need to reauthorize the station before the interviewer can log back into the survey.  When stopping a CATI station, you have the ability to stop the station after the current interview (this is typically done at the end of the shift so all interviewers log out after their last call).

  1. Click on the Manage Tab
  2. Click Monitoring and Stations
  3. Click Stop Station
  4. Select an environment from the drop down menu
  5. Click the “Okay” button
  6. Choose either Use Station List or Select Stations
  7. Submit the stop command
  8. Interviewers will receive an on-screen message that they have been stopped at the end of their current survey

Stop Station Methods

There are 2 methods to stopping stations, Use Station List and Select Stations.

  • Use Station List will stop all stations entered
    • Enter the station or range of stations that  you want to stop
    • Click the “Stop Listed Interviewers” button to submit



  • Select Stations will stop all stations selected
  • Select Stations displays a list that contains the Interviewer ID, Studycode, Extension, PID, LDEV, and Time of Last Contact
  • All fields are sortable
    • Select each check box for each station that you want to stop
    • Click “Check All” to select all stations
    • Click “Uncheck All” to deselect all station
    • Click the “Stop Selected Interviewers” button to submit


Video on stopping stations