Authorize webCATI

The authorize webCATI feature allows you to authorize a webCATI station.  This does not mean the interviewer is started on a study.  An interviewer starts on a study once they log into a study they are authorized on.  You can authorize a single station or multiple stations at a time on a single study or multiple studies.  You can also choose to authorize a station in Live or Practice mode and on the dialer or not on the dialer.

You can also clear webCATI stations from this screen or change webCATI studies from this screen.

  1. Click on the Manage Tab
  2. Click Monitoring and Stations
  3. Click Authorize webCATI
  4. Type in your booth range
  5. Highlight the study you want to start the booth(s) on
    1. To highlight multiple studies, hold down the ctrl key as you click each study
    2. To start stations with a dialer, click the “Dialer” button
    3. To start stations without a dialer, click the “No Dialer” button
    4. To start stations in Live mode, click the “Live” radio button
    5. To start stations in Practice mode, click the “Practice” radio button
    6. The booths will appear on the right side of the screen
  6. There are 2 ways to clear a booth:
    1. To clear a booth from the left side of the screen, type the booth range and click the “Clear” button
      1. This will clear only the booth(s) specified
    2. To clear a booth from the right side of the screen, click the “Clear” button next to the range of booths
      1. This will clear the entire range of booths
  7. To log webCATI interviewers in, point to the landing page URL
    1. Enter a 4 digit id from the Employee Roster
    2. Enter the booth number specified
    3. Select the Test Mode check box if you want to point to the Test URL instead of the Live URL
    4. Select a project from the drop down menu
    5. Click the “Login” button



Logging in webCATI Interviewers

The Survox Console uses an Interviewer (IVR) log in page for interviewers to use to log into studies they have been authorized on. Using the landing page only requires you to bookmark one URL.

The format of the IVR log in page is: http(s)://<Console URL>/<Environment>/ivrlogin.php.

The landing page requires:

Parameter Description Required
Interviewer ID Use a 4 digit id from the Employee Roster. Required
Booth Number Use the booth number the interviewer was authorized on. Required
Test Mode If check box is selected, the Console will point to the TEST URL rather than the LIVE URL. Not Required
Study Select a study to start interviewer on from the drop down menu that the interviewer was authorized on. Required



Video on authorizing a webCATI project