Manage Sample

View details about sample, download lists, select sample to hide from production and more.

Function Description
Change Callback Times Allows you to change the callback time of phone numbers that are scheduled to be called back.
Change Timezone Allows you to change the timezone of a set of phone numbers.
Convert Converts sample to ASCII.
Delete Records Allows user to delete sample records.
Download HTMLResp Files Allows user to download html resp files.
Erase Call Histories Removes call histories based on selection criteria.
Fix-Verify Recovers records left open and check that record format is valid.
Gather Special Intv Numbers Moves numbers marked for special interviewers from other stacks to the Special interviewer stacks.
Hide Hides sample based on selection criteria.
List Sample Lists sample records based on selection criteria.
List Suspends Lists suspended records.
Market Allows user to setup and change markets for a project.
Modify Parameters Allows user to view or modify calling parameters for a project.
Move to New Stack Allows user to move records from one phone stack to another based on a selection criteria.
Output Sample Outputs specific sample variables (or all) to a flat ascii or delimited file.
Resolve Numbers Stops calling/remove resolved numbers.
Return Owned Numbers Returns owned numbers back to original stack.
Reveal Unlocks sample based on selection criteria.
Sample Task Queue Review sample operations from the past seven days. Stop current sample processes.
Sort Specials by Time Zone Sorts special interviewer stacks by time zone for the proper call order. When sorting numbers in a specific special stack, the numbers will get sorted by time zone from low to high.