Access Study

Allows users to access webSurvent or webCATI studies that have been put into Test Mode or Live Mode.

How to access a study

  1. Click the Deploy Tab
  2. Click Access Study
  3. Select a project from the drop down menu
  4. Select the mode of the project
    1. Only if you have a Multi-Mode study – CATI, IVR, webCATI, or webSurvent
    2. You do not need to select the mode if you created the study as one mode
  5. Select test files or live files
    1. Only if you have loaded your study into test mode and live mode
    2. You do not need to select test or live if you have only loaded your study in one mode
  6. Click the “Okay” button
  7. A link will populate on the screen and the study will open in a separate browser window