Study Header Statement

The Study Header Statement is always the first statement following the ~PREPARE COMPILE command. It provides MENTOR with the study name and general information related to the questionnaire.

The study header statement is enclosed in brackets. It consists of a study name and any desired options. The only required item inside the brackets is the study name. Commas or spaces must be used between items.

The syntax for the study header is:

[study name,option1,option2,option3,etc]

The study name is used by MENTOR to name the various output files. SURVENT will also use the study name to name the data file in the interviewing process. The study name may be three to 30 alphanumeric characters long, starting with a letter.  The study name is not case sensitive.  All the files that are generated on the system will be in lower case, regardless of what case is used in the header.

The options are used to control many questionnaire functions. There are size related, compile time, interviewer-related, operational, and supervisor related. You may include as many options as desired in any order you want after the study name. Ampersands must be used to continue the line if the header statement is longer than one line. When specifying a number as the setting for some option, do not use commas (commas are included in the explanation below for readability). The available options and their functions are sorted below by function type and frequency of usage.