Release Notes/Bug Fixes for Version 10.1

This is a compilation of all the defects that have been addressed for all versions of 10.1.X

To see the list of enhancements, go here in the documentation: 10.1.2 enhancements


Dialer (CDI)/IVR 

BZ #2539 – Using the loadstudy command on an IVR study makes it unusable

BZ #2758 – If you do a dialer wipeout command from the Supervisor, then the  agents in asterisk were not going into the “wait” state

BZ #3704 – The CDI will crash with no identifying error, if it cannot write to the cdiworld file

SVD #242 – Ivrcontrolfile update command reports that it was successful even when the ivrcontrol file does not exist



MT #1157 – Mentor was not error checking that the number inside of a “check” command was not larger than would fit in the field

MT #1487 – Mentor was getting an uninformative error (#2507) when Arithmetic was attempted on a Boolean element

BZ #2505 – If you are doing Row statistics and also use the minimum_base option, you will get ERROR #5045

BZ #1186 – The xf match_text function was not working on data locations

BZ #1981 – Hitting suspend in web mode view blanks the question that you were on

BZ #2555 – Bad response text does not appear for errors in a grid in terminal mode – (MT2555)

BZ #2563 – A multipage highlightcats question will core dump when last item is a comment line

BZ #2755 – A Field question with xl/il= specified, but without a sub-type never subsets the response list, nor gets a compile error

BZ #2852 – Makecfg webcati command output has the macaddr output appended to it

BZ #2853 – Makecfg does not report any errors if you enter in a bad or unknown command

BZ #2859 – A clear command to station 9999999999 in Makecfg causes it to go into an infinite loop

BZ #2860 – The help screen in Makecfg does not properly reflect the current set of options available based on the users capabilities

BZ #3105 – !HTML_SHOW_QUESTION_LABELS does not work for !display questions

BZ #3146 – Survent will core dump if you use the master_quota function, but did not set the master quota name in the header.

SVD #228 – The study header logging= option is not properly error checked for valid settings

SVD #229 – Disc Based Record tables do not support UTF8 characters (Also fixed in 8.8.20)

SVD #230 – If employee roster/file contains a blank line, webCATI interviewers can login by leaving their ID input box blank (Also fixed in 8.8.20)

SVD #233 – When using an XF function on a quota name starting with “MOD” from a master quota file, the value that is returned is always zero

SVD #235 – The questionnaire compile and the chk file both report a data overlap when there really is not one when splitting up a multiple response Field question into each of its separate responses and the response items only have a single character.

SVD #236 – A very large (>800 response codes) Field sub-type Include/Exclude question can get a segmentation fault when it should be getting an out of memory error

SVD #240 – A reference to an alias question on an pop-up other does not correctly update the back reference in web modes (Also fixed in 8.8.20)

SVD #246 – When skipping out of a !resumehere block into a !resumewhereat block and suspending will cause Blow Error #1617 upon resuming

SVD – 249 – Survent does not properly process the error.tmpl file when it has a non-normal termination

SVD – 267 – If in terminal mode Survent you enter in an invalid interviewer ID, you are kicked out of Survent after you enter in a valid one (Also fixed in 8.8.20)

SVD – 268 – You get a compile error if you try to use the sameas option on a record table that was rotated using the !rotate option


Survent Phone System 

BZ #2657 – The top touched number on the “Phone A” screen in Foneutil resets when adding sample

BZ #3327 – Foneutil “G” output doesn’t match the new SA command output which has the correct information in it

BZ #3428 – Showvars command in Foneutil was showing the original name instead of the “mapped” name if they were different


Survox Console 

SVD #166 – List files generated by Survsupr that appear in the Console are easier to read

SVD #270 – Composer syntax for rotating a response list has been updated to newer syntax



The following is a list of the defects that have been addressed in the 10.1.2 release.

To see the list of enhancements, go here in the documentation: 10.1 enhancements


Dialer (CDI)/IVR 

SVD #338 – The CDI can crash if on an inbound IVR study the study server is unable to start the associated Survent process



SVD #282 – Study server can go down “hard” leaving files unclosed if the validate file is changed such that the study server no longer has write access to it (Also fixed in 8.8.20)

SVD #284 – Interviewers remain on the active list after they have been cleared or get a Blow error

SVD #298 – Mentor will core dump during the compile of a questionnaire, if you have a \:: reference on a line over 200 characters in length and you try to create SPSS specs (Also fixed in 8.8.20)

SVD #299 – Better handling of the naming convention when converting multiple response FLD questions into SPSS so you are less likely to have conflicts with other questions

SVD #300 – SPSS def file is wrong if the Case ID is stored in a location other than 1.x (Also fixed in 8.8.20)

SVD #309 – There is no way in  Makecfg  to clear a study that has been run in “stand alone” mode

SVD #310 – Fonebuld will core dump if you define one of the indices is defined as a non-existent variable

SVD #311 – An error is logged in the Study Server’s log file every time a complete is written if the phone record has an 18 digit phone number

SVD #314 – If the variable you point to on a Sound,record command has an invalid name, you can end up with a “missing” sound file.  Note, this now will cause blow (Also fixed in 8.8.20)

SVD #323 – In WebCATI if you try to set up a unspecified time call back and the current time is after tomorrow’s shutoff time, you get an error that the shop is not open then and must enter in a specific time.  (Also fixed in 8.8.20)


Survox Console 

SVD #326 – You cannot access a study if the qff name ends in “ivr_test” which means you cannot run test ivr studies without going to command line

SVD #327 – The Download Files page does not allow you do download files from an IVR study

SVD #328 – There is no way in the Console to load a “test” study into the IVR_CONTROL file list

SVD #345 – The Tell_All_Bosses routine is not always pushing the alerts to the Console when a new page is presented or the current page is refreshed