zip operation failed or zip warning: permission denied

Should you invoke any of the following messages while trying to archive a project in the Survox Console try the following:

Try logging into command line and change to the $CFMC/resume or $CFMC/active/resume directory and then look for the <projectname>.r_ sub-directory and delete out or migrate off of the system any of the suspend records that are no longer needed.

Once that is complete then you should be able to archive from that point on. Typically, most of the time this issue is invoked is when archiving a study and it has a lot to do with old suspend records that could not be archived.

Also, files created by root or an oldcore file that has only read/write permissions at the root level or some other user level “rw——-” can also cause the archive process not to proceed.

Once you identify the file or files, you can either remove the file or change the permissions and ownership of the file, so that the file is read/writeable at the user and group level, then try to execute the archive process again.

Otherwise, send to Survox Support the portsrv.log file located in the $CFMC/super/logs directory for further analysis.