Why is the FZZ file generated when I run the loadstudy utility on my study?

The loadstudy utility creates this file. It is generated as asafe guard against copying the fone index file onto the fonefile.

Loadstudy generates a .fzzfile because some customers experienced an issueif a wild card was used on the cp command. The cp command expands to exactly two files, while the system expands the two file names out before the cp actually starts working on it.

When the cp sees it, it takes the first name as the from and the last name as the to. If the wild card expands to more than two names, they ended up triggering an error.

Fortunately, if you utilized the installed cp.safe command as part of the Survox installation process when installing or upgrading the software, we verified that the “safe” part of this does work such that if the to file is locked, you cannot overwrite it.

The creation of the .fzzfile from the loadstudy utility when run on a study/project helped remedy the likelihood of a fonefile being overwritten oraccidentallycopied over in the $CFMC/fone directory by any <studyname>.f* file.

Below is what is generated during the loadstudy process as an example of the creation of the .fzzfile.

You will have to delete /cfmc/test8.3/fone/phone83_052709.fonif you don’t want it.

******************** WARNING! ********************

Do you want to copy the file? ((n)/y) ==>y

phone83.fon copied FROM:/cfmc/test8.3/websurv/studies/phone TO:/cfmc/test8.3/fone/
phone83.fnx (fone index) copied FROM:/cfmc/test8.3/websurv/studies/phone TO:/cfmc/test8.3/fone/
WARN: /cfmc/test8.3/fone/phone83.fzzhas been created to safeguard against copying the fone index file onto the fone file

All Done!
Check /cfmc/test8.3/super/logs/loadstudy.log for log of successful transfers

test0 test8.3 /cfmc/test8.3/websurv/studies/phone>ls -ltr $CFMC/fone/phone83.fzz
-rw-rw-rw- 1 webmast cfmc 87 May 27 12:03 /cfmc/test8.3//fone/phone83.fzz
test0 test8.3 /cfmc/test8.3/websurv/studies/phone>