Release Notes

This is a compilation of release notes for all versions of 8.9.X.


The following is a list of the defects that have been addressed in the 8.9.1 release.

8.9.1 In Sample Manager when a project is deleted all associated quotas should be removed from the database.

BZ #2542 – In Survox Console, if you have multiple environments/accounts, then you should be prompted for the environment you want to update when creating or updating a phone parameter header file.

BZ #2888 – Survox Console will not allow a study to be deleted if it is deactivated.

BZ #2921 – After creating a phone parameter header file under Manage-Shop/Server, you cannot choose that file when you import sample.

BZ #2992 – Survox Console is unable to properly read in phone parameter header files from earlier versions due to deprecated options causing errors.

BZ #3003 – Survent is not reading the special interviewer settings from the file.



The following is a list of the defects that have been addressed in the 8.9.2 release.

Dialer (CDI)/IVR

Bug #2758 – After a dialer wipeout asterisk agents don’t return to waiting for connects mode

Bug #2850 – Ivrsurvent is supposed to be a makecfg command but it’s not recognized



Bug #2505 – If you are doing Row statistics and also use the minimum_base option, you can trigger ERROR #5045

Bug #2535 – If you use the ~adjust command to adjust the text location on a tr file, it always generates error messages

Bug #3080 – Mentor will get info an infinite loop if you use the Header option count_as_complete and you do not put an ampersand after it to continue the line

Bug #3086 – Mentor gets a spec error if you try to reference a text pointer using a data location between 32,767 and 65,535


Sample Manager

Bug #3044 – Quotamod is not properly finding the quotas in the sample manager if the qffname does not match the study name

Bug #3051 – The new sample manager does not properly handling numbered quotas stored in the phone records in the number is low or did not previously exist



Bug #1148 – Request to enhance the fonebuld DUPLICATE message for 2nd+ index=

Bug #2100 – The QSP file is not created properly for phone,allow_to_get_record_type (old sub-type N)

Bug #2755 – If you use XL or IL on a Field question, to subset the list, but leave off the include_exclude sub-type, it silently ignores the subsetted list

Bug #2834 – Study Server should allow study to restart even if stations file says study is owned by another now NON-EXISTENT study server

Bug #2851 – Makecfg deactivate/undeactivate reports about wrong study

Bug #2853 – Unrecognized commands in makecfg do not generate an error

Bug #2859 – The clear command in Makecfg can get into an “infinite” loop if you try to clear a large station number like 999999999

Bug #3001 – If you use the Supervisor phoneadd command to add phone records, duplicate records are not properly getting assigned status 951

Bug #3004 – Survent will get a freecore error if you try to customize error messages for the !var,e with regards to error #4477 and 4478

Bug #3018 – If you use the fixresum really fixup option, then the failed_resume=restart option restarts the interview at the top rather than at the phone,9

Bug #3071 – Existing case mode Survent silently proceeds on if the case is not retrieved

Bug #3076 – Blow message is not correct if the failed_resume option is set to blow and Survent gets a failed resume

Bug #3085 – You get errors if you try to reformat using variables from a db file if the data set has its text area in the middle of the case


Survox Console

Bug #2657 – After a study is deployed live and additional sample is loaded, you get the Do you want to add or overwrite the file? question

Bug #2680 – A Survox Console data tools run will core dump if the path to db or tr file is over 80 characters in length



Bug #1981 – Hitting suspend in view mode of webSurvent blanks the question that you’re on

Bug #3015 – Get Specific using a return code gets a blow #28 in training/practice mode

Bug #3043 – Some of the HTML compiler directives can cause freecore errors if they are used inside of a “called” questionnaire