2015 Survox Summit

All presentations from the 2015 Survox Summit are listed in order by day and are downloadable.

Day 1

President’s Address, CEO Mary McDougall
Mary McDougall, President & CEO, will discuss the strategic direction of Survox technology and how it will help researchers to meet today’s challenges. It will highlight the technical roadmap and how to maximize respondent recruitment and targeting with Survox multi-mode capabilities.
2015 Summit_Opening Remarks

Guest Speaker, The Future of Phone Research, David Dutwin, Chief Methodologist, SSRS
David Dutwin, Executive VP and Chief Methodologist at SSRS, will discuss the opportunities and challenges for phone survey research and how they will evolve over the next five years. He’ll review data on phone outcomes for the past 10 years and what it means for the future of telephone interviewing. In addition, he will discuss generational demographics and the impact on phone survey research and technology.
Summit 2015 Future of Telephone Research

Survox | Technical Directions
Presented by Jason Kagel/Danny Wong
Jason Kagel, Vice President of Engineering, and Danny Wong, Engineering, will discuss new functionality to improve operational efficiency. They will explain how to leverage new tools and discuss opportunities with a scalable infrastructure as a service.
Summit 2015 Technical Directions

USE CASE: Multi-Mode | Multi-Vendor
Presented by Lisa Mangone-Jackson
Lisa Mangone-Jackson, Customer Success, will discuss what using multimode solutions —
along with multi-vendor solutions like the Survox | Qualtrics integration — means for your shop, how it works, and how customers are leveraging this integration.
Summit 2015_Multimode_Multivendor

BEST PRACTICES: Building Agile Operations, IVR – “The Other Phone”, Call Blending
Presented by Allen Porter/Jerry Pavia
Allen Porter, Director of Customer Success, and Jerry Pavia, Professional Services Developer, will discuss use cases for IVR implementations, how to integrate IVR in to CATI operations, best practice tips for IVR projects, and include technical examples for different use cases.
Summit 2015_Building IVR Solutions

NEW | Real-Time Dashboards: Interviewer Productivity
Presented by John Yetter
John Yetter, Senior Software Engineer, will discuss and demonstrate how the new dashboards will improve interviewer and supervisor productivity.
Summit 2015_Interviewer Dashboards

Guest Speaker: TCPA Regulations & How to Avoid Litigation
Jeffrey L. Poston, Partner, Crowell & Moring Law, will discuss how TCPA regulations impact phone research and strategies to help researchers cope with the implications of this ruling. He will explain how technology and processes can help researchers adapt to this environment while still being able to meet goals for projects, budgets and timelines.
Summit 2015_33029940_TCPA Presentation – New FCC Opinion

BEST PRACTICES | Respondent Recruitment & Compliance
Presented by Jim Ratto and TCPA Panel
Jim Ratto, Best Practices & Customer Support Manager, will lead a panel discussion on possible solutions for dealing with TCPA compliance.
Summit 2015 – Respondent Recruitment TCPA Panel

Day 2

Focus On: Dialing Flow
Presented by Jim Ratto
Jim Ratto, Best Practices & Customer Support Manager, will introduce the sessions and then discuss the currently available “dialing flow” methodologies using the Survox Platform as it pertains to the TCPA guidelines.
Summit 2015 _Focus On Dialing Flow

New: CATI Shell | TCPA | Dialing Features | DNC
Presented by Jim Ratto/Jerry Pavia
Jim Ratto and Jerry Pavia, Customer Success, will discuss how clients can take advantage of features in the new Survox Phone shell, which will make it easier to turn features on and off from study-to-study and customer-to-customer, and make sure all the data is collected and easy to access. They will discuss other features related to dialing, DNC lists, and more
Summit 2015 – New CATI Shell

BEST PRACTICES | Distributed Operations Multi-site, Remote Workers, Partners, Multi-Mode
Presented by Allen Porter/Jim Ratto
Allen Porter, Director of Customer Success, and Jim Ratto will discuss how to scale and expand your operations, build multi-site call center networks, manage remote/at-home workers, integrate call center partners into your operations, and expand opportunities with multi-vendor, multi-mode designs.
Summit 2015_Distributed Operations

BEST PRACTICES: Cloud Infrastructure Virtualization, Scaling
Presented by Ken Keyes
Ken Keyes, DevOps engineer, will discuss best practices for cloud-based technologies and how Chef, Amazon Web Services (AWWS) and Twilio reduce the time for hosted deployments and provide scalable resources.
Summit 2015_Cloud Virtualization and Scaling

New Themes | CATI theme | Productivity | Branding
Presented by Josh Smith
Josh Smith, Research Technology Specialist, will discuss survey themes and how to personalize the look and feel of your studies to enhance your brand. He’ll review how these themes improve productivity of interviewers.
Summit 2015 New Themes

Speed Learning
Presented by Ricky Budoy and Panel
Ricky Budoy, Customer Success, will moderate a panel of users who will discuss time savers on how to get work done quickly and efficiently. This session includes tips on fielding a study, managing your call center or getting data out to a client or customer.

Integrations and Advanced Implementations
Presented by Allen Porter/Josh Smith
Allen Porter and Josh Smith, Professional Services Developer, will discuss tools and techniques for integrating external applications and resources into surveys and workflows. The session includes use cases and examples of how the Survox Platform has been extended to solve research design requirements and increase business.
Summit 2015_Integrations

CUSTOMER SUCCESS KBA | Documentation | Webinars | Training | Demos
Presented by Lisa Mangone-Jackson
Lisa Mangone-Jackson, Customer Success, will discuss the types of information available for self-help. She’ll review the knowledge base articles and show how to find them. She will discuss the new documentation site and review information about training and product demos.