Fixing a Response to keep it from Rotating

When rotating a response list, you have the option of “fixing” a particular response and keeping it from rotating. This is useful for codes such as Don’t Know, Refused or None as it wouldn’t make much sense to rotate them along with your other responses. You can “fix” a response code by clicking the “fix” check box before adding the response code. The fix option is only enabled when you are rotating your response list.


  1. Access the Question Editor by clicking the Add Questions tab from the menu bar at the top of the page.
  2. Navigate to the question where you want to Fix your response and keep it from rotating.
  3. Click on the specific response you want to Fix.
  4. Click the Fix check box to Fix that response code and keep it from rotating.
  5. Click the Submit button or Hit Return.
  6. The response will be Fixed in your response list check marks indicating it will be Fixed within the list.
  7. To cancel your editing at any time, click the CancelEdit Button button. Changes will not be saved.
  8. You must click the Update Question Details button to save your changes.
  9. To start a new question, click the Start Button button.


In this example, we are Fixing the Don’t Know code by clicking the Fix response checkbox. You will also notice the checkmark that appears next to the None code. This indicates that the None code had previously been Fixed. Notice that we have also chosen yes from the Randomly Rotate Response drop down menu.

Fix Response

NOTE: The modified response code is NOT saved until you click the Submit button.


Both the Don’t Know and the None codes are Fixed so they will not rotate with the other 2 response codes.

Fix Response