What to check for if fresh numbers are not being released

This happens quite often, mostly because there are a number of setting onthe phone parameter screen that can stop numbers from being called, butsometimes for other reasons.

Here is a list of things to check:

1. Make sure your “Day Part Times” include the current time, and the# attempts per daypart is > 0 for the current daypart (eg. morning).Remember, day part time is local to the RESPONDENT.

2. If “new numbers available” is set to “0”, the program will no longer get fresh numbers. The default is -1 which does not limit the number offresh phone numbers available. In almost all cases, this should be setto “-1”.

3. If time zone weights are set to 0, no system numbers will be calledfrom that time zone.

4. Use the “market” command to make sure that if you are using markets, themarkets you are trying to call don’t have their market weight set to “0”.

5. If you are using replicates, check the “A” screen to make sure the replicateat the top of the timezone stack you want to call is <= the “max replicate”value. If it is not, set the max replicate higher, and/or use the “repsort”command in foneutil to put the lowest replicates at the top of the stackin case you have added sample and not resorted (foneutil must be run whilethe study is not live).

6. Check the “D” screen for no answer callback times. If it doesn’t say”Now” anywhere, you can try reducing the
“minimum system callback time”until numbers can come up.

7. If you have lots of numbers in the “call later” stack, run foneutil’s”integrate” option to move numbers scheduled for today to the today stacks.Your system should do this automatically so if this was the problem youshould call CfMC Support or talk to your CfMC personnel. This must bedone while the study is offline.

7. If you still don’t get numbers, try releasing numbers in the order “Systemnumbers”, “All Targeted Attempt numbers”, and “Timed numbers”. Just set the”release” parameters to “yes” on the phone parameter screen.

8. If you are STILL not getting numbers, take the study down and use foneutil’sfix and verify options. If you get errors doing this, run “verify” again.If there are still errors, run the mentor program “fnchkxx.spx” to find andfix bad numbers, then rebuild the phone file.

Other possible causes, especially if this is a new system or you changedcomputers:

1. Make sure the time on the Survox server computer (and/or dialer computer) is correct.

2. Make sure the TIMEZONE: value is set to your local time zone in the file”parmfile” (in the “control” directory under your CfMC area).

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