What does ERROR #9070 mean?

This error is generated when there are blank spaces in the Case ID field.

(ERROR #9070) caseid contains BLANKS for case 1: is

**error** The ~set variable_length_caseid=warn or =OK may be used to change
**error** this message from an “error” to “warn” or “ok” if desired

Theerrormessage points you at the ~set command to use to turn off thiserror.

Put~set variable_length_caseid=okat the top of the run if you think you actually have valid cases with blanks in the Case ID field.
You can also globally set this by putting the ~set command in your mentinit file.
If you globally set it though, we recommend that you use~set variable_length_caseid=warn
which will change the error message to a warning, so you’ll still know something might be wrong with the Case ID’s in your tr file.