Video Converter/Compression Tips

To Convert Video Files

JPlayer is set up to selectthe best format for a browser. You need to supply multiple formats and the hierarchy that you want to use.There are 5 different video types you can set. You just need to set the correct variable.

var MovieSrc_m4v = “none”;
var MovieSrc_ogv = “none”;
var MovieSrc_mp4 = “none”;
var MovieSrc_webm = “none”;
var MovieSrc_webmv = “none”;

Firefox likes the ogv format.
IE and other browsers like the m4v format.

The AKAMAI interface does not have a conversion to ogv, so downloadFirefogg, a free app that runs with Firefox. You can get it at

Once it’s downloaded andinstalled, use this link to create the files –– It reads the file from where you specify and writes the new one where you specify. Keep all the default settings in the converter to OGV.

In the qpx you need to specifiy both formats:

<script type=”text/javascript”>
var TypePriority = “ogv,m4v”;
var MovieSrc_ogv = “[Inbox]/Pam/media/testSpot_4_large_medhigh.ogv“;
var MovieSrc_m4v = “[Inbox]/Pam/media/testSpot_4_large_medhigh.m4v“;
var ShowEndMessage = true;

A good website to use that has a lot of information is

To Compress Video Files

While there is only so much you can do. Video files are large. The smaller the file, the worse the quality. You can try tweaking things like the resolution, and the video bitrate and audio bitrate.

There’s a free program that can help compress files