Using the Meta Command: >print_file_defaults

The >print_file_defaults meta command allows you to set a group of commonly used print file options so that when a user issues a simple printfile command the options are used automatically. Usually this option will be used inside one of the initial files that Mentor checks.

The syntax of >print_file_defaults is essentially the same as that of the >printfile command, but without the filename.

An example of using this command might be to put “>print_file_defaults laser_control=client” into the initial file in directory in which a multi-printfile job for “client” was being done. Doing so would make it so that “>printfile name” would use the laser_control file named “client”.

If the >print_file_defaults statement sets several options, setting the option to a different value on the >printfile statement will override that option. If you wishes to start from scratch, you can use the negative form of this option,

>-print_file_defaults, and then issue a printfile command.

Example Spec:

~comment&pfdef.doc>printfile pfdef1~clean print "This printfile uses nothing but the defaults.">print_file_defaults laser_control=pfdef1.lsr page_width=10>printfile pfdef2~clean print "This printfile has pfdef1.lsr, pgwid of 10">printfile pfdef3 page_width=20~clean print "This printfile has pfdef1.lsr, pgwid of 20">printfile pfdef4 laser_control=pfdef2.lsr~clean print "This printfile has pfdef2.lsr, pgwid of 10">-print_file_defaults>printfile pfdef5~clean print "Should be back to nothing but defaults."~end