Using the Julian Date System variable

You can use the variable julian_date to print one out in the format of


1.4 Year

5.2 Month

7.2 Day of Month

9.2 Hour of Day

11.2 Minute of Day

13.2 Second of Day

15.2 Hundredths of seconds (not currently supported, always 00)

17.1 Day of the week (1=Monday 7=Sunday)

18.3 Julian day of the year

Example Spec:

~comment&julian.doc~cleanprint "s" julian_date~end

You can also access sub-pieces of the system variable by using the standard Mentor syntax


For instance,

[(Julian_Date) 5.4$]

would return today’s month and year in the format MMDD. If today were March 15, then this would return “0315”.

See the article on setting up defines for Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow for specific usage of this.