Using the ECHO_DEFINE Command

When >echo_define is on and Mentor encounters an @defined item in a spec file, the original line is echoed into the list file, followed by the same line with the @define’s expanded.

The default is >-echo_define. The echoed lines generated by Mentor are tagged with the text “(after define)” to distinguish them from lines that came directly from the spec file.

Example Spec:

~comment&echodef.doc>define @this vper pdec=2>define @that title text from defined item that~deftabset={ one:title={:@that}col=: totalrow=: [1^1//5]stub={:one[@this] twothree[@this] fourfive}tab=*}>echo_definestabset={ two:title={:@that}col=: totalrow=: [1^1//5]stub={:one[@this] twothree[@this] fourfive}tab=*}>-echo_definestabset={ three:title={:@that}col=: totalrow=: [1^1//5]stub={:one[@this] twothree[@this] fourfive}tab=*}~input $~exctabset=onetabset=twotabset=three~end