Using Phantom Input Files for Testing Procedures

A phantom input file may now be used for testing purposes. It behaves as if you were using a data file with a single blank record. It may be used for testing setups for which you have no data as yet. It is also useful for table manipulation runs for which DB files are needed, but not data.

Example Spec:

~comment&phantom.doc~clean create tab1(=5, =5)=0~defproc=  {proc1:m tab1(1 by all)=1m tab1(2 by all)=2m tab1(3 by all)=tab1(1 by all) + tab1(2 by all)say tab1m [1.2] = tab1(1 by 1)say [1.2]check [1.2#2] "col 1-2 must be equal to 2"if [1.2] = 1 thenprint "It's a one."elseprint "It's something else."endif}~input $ length=80~exc proc=proc1~end