Using Page Top Line Option

Page_topline is both a printfile option, and a command line listfile option. Using this option causes the following information to appear as the first line of each page of the print/listfile:

Mentor program name and version number
Full path name of spec file used
Date and time
Page number

On a >printfile statement, the syntax is:


When used on the command line, this option must be associated with the listfile nameby enclosing the listfile name and page_topline in double quotes, as in:

mentor ptop.spx "-ptop.lst page_topline"

Using this option on the command line will cause the listfile to have carriage control (be paginated) and have a line of program information at the top of each page.

Example Spec:

~comment&ptop.doc~deftabset={one:col=: totalrow=: [1^1//5]stub={:onetwothreefourfive}tab=*}tabset={two=one:}tabset={three=one:}>printfile ptop2 page_topline~input $~exctabset=onetabset=twotabset=three~end