Using files= vs. join= on ~input

You cannot use wild card characters with the join= option.

The join option must be the last item on the ~input statement. Since the first item must be a file name, the complete file list is always broken in two unless join is the only option being used.

With either join= or files=, and the ~input files are not of the same length, set work_length to the length of, or longer than, the length of the longest file. Putting the longest file first on the file list will also work, but this of often awkward. When the input files are ascii, the ascii= option may be used instead of work_length.

Example Spec:

~comment&jofi.doc~defproc={display: print "s" [1.10$]}~input files="jofi*.asc" ascii=80;~exc proc=display~input jofi1a.asc ascii=80join=(jofi1b.asc jofi1c.asc jofi2a.asc jofi2b.asc jofi2c.asc)~~exc proc=display>repeat $f=1a,1b,1c,2a,2b,2c;&$l=20,40,60,80,60,40~input jofi$f.asc ascii=$l;~output jofi$f writenow;>endrepeat~input files="jofi*.tr" work_length=80~exc proc=display~input jofi1a work_length=80 join=(jofi1b jofi1c jofi2a jofi2b jofi2c)~exc proc=display~end