Use Phone_Move with the Call_Now Stack (Error #9508)

NOTE: The Call Now Stack was previously called the Call First Stack in Older Versions

The stack was renamed as there was some confusion about whether pushing record into that stack increased the priority on those numbers or actually made them available right now. We changed the name to call now because if you push numbers into that stack they will becalled before any other numbers and you should not be moving lots of numbers into that stack.

If youreceive this warning WARN from server: set parmfile maximum_records_moved_into_call_now higher than 50 if you want morewhen trying to move more than 50 records you can change the parmfile setting

maximum_records_moved_into_call_now: NNN to allow more records.

This is tolimit the number ofrecordsusers sent to that stack since they will come up immediately.