Update Verbatims in Survent – Real Time

While there is not a built-in spell checker in Survent, the attached files in the MODIFYTEXT.ZIP will update verbatims in real-time. Make sure all files are in the same directory.

example.qpx is the qpx that uses the zspc and a !sys statement to write out a text question, edit it with vi in this case (but could be whatever you want), then reads it back in.

doit is a command file that example.qpx calls. It takes 1 argument which is the file name to work on. Make sure that it’s executable. If it’s not type in via command line chmod +x doit

make1line.spx is a mentor spec that reads a multiple line ASCII file and makes it all one line. Since Survent only reads one line at a time, this was the easiest way to get a multiple line text question back into Mentor. There certainly might be other Linux utilities that do a quicker job of this.

  • modifytext.zip