Triggering “command not found” when executing any Survox Utilities

There is a known issue where if there is a file named “id” that contains 1000 or more lines it will trigger an error message of “command not found” for each line in the file when trying to execute any of the Survox command files and in particular those that call Utilities such as SCAN, LIST, and PHONERPT.

The error message triggered for this issue starts with “id: line” followed by various numbers and ending with “command not found.”

Below are examples of the actual errors that are generated:

id: line 21321: 38821: command not found

id: line 21322: 38822: command not found

id: line 21323: 38823: command not found

id: line 21324: 38824: command not found

id: line 21325: 38825: command not found

Currently, based on our analysis and testing, this is a cshell (csh) or tcsh shell issue where “id” is a keyword in the csh or tcsh shell. So far there is no indication of this being Survox Software related as the defect can be triggered by any cshell script.

When executing any script what calls the csh or tcsh shell with a “#!/bin/csh”, or a “#!/bin/tcsh” in a directory where an “id” file resides that has 1000 rows of numbers in the file, the “command not found” error message will be triggered.

In most cases, the Survox utilities or the cshell script will eventually get executed but not after going through the entire “id” file.

The getaround to the issue is to remove or rename the “id” file to something else.

Below are steps for resolving the issue.

1. Execute a directory listing for any files with “id”. We suggest issuing thels -ltr *id* command.

/cfmc/fone>ls -tlr *id* -rwxrwxrwx 1 cfmc cfmc 81571 Sep 4 13:06 id*

2. Next, either remove or rename the file to something else.

/cfmc//fone>mv id justnumbers/cfmc/fone>rm id