Triggering a MySQL error regarding a Survox table when trying to login to the Survox Console

When accessing the Survox Console, an error message can display in the browser that saysa MySQL table is corrupted.

MySQL database tables become corrupted when disk space on a server is full and the MySQL database gets into a state where it cannot be accessed.

A typicalerror message that can be invokedafter resolving thedisk space issue is something like the following:

 ./portal/log_login table got corrupted.

When encountering a corrupted MySQL table, it is recommended to use the”mysqlcheck” command to repair it.

Mysqlcheck command checks, repairs, optimizes and analyzes the tables.

In order to resolve the issue, try the following steps:

1. First stop the mysql service, as the root user by typing “service mysqld stop”.

2. Fix the database with the following command as the root user using the MySQL portal user password:

mysqlcheck -uportal -pCfMCPortAl*83 --repair --all-databases

3. Log back in as the cfmc user and make a backup of the backup.portal and backup.qs in the /opt/cfmc/navigator<date>/sql/ directory.

We suggest that you name the copy of the backup.portal with a MMDDYY extension for example:

mv backup.portal backup.portal.110114mv backup.qs backup.qs.110114

4. From the /opt/cfmc/navigator<date>/sql directory issuethe following command:


5. From the /opt/cfmc/navigator<date>/ directory issue the following command:

make update

6. From the /opt/cfmc/navigator<date>/sbin/directory issue the following command:

overlay_nav cfmc