Transfering a call using an MSG dialer

To transfer a call using an MSG dialer, you need to get the following 3 commands sent to the dialer for the extension you are trying to transfer from.

USER_INFOstudycode, ext, (FH:9000Tphonenum)!

Bring parties into conference:
USER_INFOstudycode, ext, (CO:)!

End conference and complete thetransfer:
IVR_STATUS studycode, ext, NOTREADY!

To send commands to the MSG dialer, you want to use the phone,userinfo command or the phone,hangup command to hangup the call. Both of these use to be sub-type H.

NOTE: The string USER_INFO, the studycode, and extension are all automatically supplied by the system. It is only the part of the command after that part that must be built up in the spec.

You can use an spc,save_text_to_data (old sub-type 9) to build up the command that wants to be sent to the dialer. You can back reference the phone number to be called or it could be hardcoded if you were always calling the same number. Then use the phone,userinfo command to send the data that was on the spc,save_text_to_data command.

Sample code might look below. Be sure to check with MSG as to what the current exact syntax is as it might have changed since this document was last updated.

{ TRANSNUM:Enter in the number you want to transfer the call to!Variable,Numeric_Only,10,10 }{ BeginTransfer: .25(FH:9000T:transnum)!Special,Save_Text_To_Data }{ SENDTHIS1:!Phone,User_Info,BeginTransfer }{ SENTHISDISP:Now connected to 3rd party.  Hit return to conference in respondent. !Display }{ CONFERENCE: .5(CO:)!Special,Save_TextTo_Data }{ SENDTHIS2:!Phone,User_Info,conference }{ SENDTHISDISP2:Now conferenced.  Hit return to complete transfer and drop your connection!Display }{ HANGUPCALL:!Phone,Hangup }

Additional note:

If issuing the !phone,hangup without issuing the “CO:” command it will also do a “cold” transfer, so it will drop the interviewer and connect the respondent and then transfer the number directly. This is one way of handling the transfer when transferring to an external IVR system.