Steps to redirect to an external survey from webSurvent or webCATI

1) Start the webSurvent survey

2) If they qualify, auto-suspend the survey and automatically redirect them to a URL (in the same window). The redirect link can be appended with variables to pass to the external survey.

3) When the external survey is finished, redirect back to the main survey from the external survey and resume the main survey.

4) The parsequery function will need to be used to pass data to and from the external survey through the URL.

In webCATI you will need something unique when you come back to pick up the correct phone record. One suggestion is to use existing case mode if you pass the caseid.

1) Start the webCATI survey

2) If they qualify, auto-suspend the survey and automatically redirect them to a URL

a) If you are redirecting the interviewer, then we recommend using an iframe inside of the webCATI survey that points to the other site.

b) If you are redirecting the respondent, then you should use a !spc,u to suspend and redirect using a password as the link between the two.

3) When the external survey is finished, redirect back to the main survey from the external survey and resume the main survey.

4) Make sure that when you suspend the record, you ensure that the phone record is setup so that it will never be called again. You’ll want to mark it as an unused special type or put it in the get specific only stack (status 181 or 226).


1) Parsequery can work on any screen in the survey. It’s generally only used in the first screen of the survey as we do not pass any additional URL variables after that first screen. It can be used on a resume because they are coming back through the index page and the additional URL information is always passed from the index page.

2) In the case of an iframe parsequery won’t work since there is no URL back into the survey and it picks up data from the URL. You can however use javascript to communicate between the two frames.

3) You can use an iframe in websurvent as well you just need a way to make sure the respondent can’t continue the survey until whatever is being run in the iframe has finished. If they don’t come back then the survey will eventually autosuspend.


1) We recommend adding a flag upon completion of the conjoint section and pass that flag back via the URL using the redirect. You can grab this flag using parse_query. This will let you easily know if someone completed the entire conjoint or if you should send them back to complete it. You can display some type of message based on this flag that the respondent did not complete it and should go back, instead of seeing the data blank at the end.

2) We also recommend to set up some code to pass through autosuspended respondents to Sawtooth. When you autosuspend the respondent, they will still get passed into suspend.tmpl and they need an exit link. Adding in the following code can control the autosuspended respondents:

In the QPX add something like the following before passing the respondent TO the Sawtooth conjoint:

{!-ALLOW_BACK_UP  } ''make sure you disallow backup before assigning the following{!-ALLOW_SUSPEND  } ''disallow suspend as well {!HTML_Define SuspCJT }{!SPECIAL,FORCE_SUSPEND } { !RESUME_HERE}{ PASTCJT: !GOTO }{!-ALLOW_BACK_UP  }{!ALLOW_SUSPEND }{ !-HTML_Define SuspCJT }''In the Suspend.tmpl add something like the following to control the autosuspends versus the manual ''suspends: (This will present a link to the Sawtooth conjoint if it's an autosuspend)  >IfDef @SuspCJT<center><br><br>Please click the"<a href=",,,pass=@password~,cterm=@cterm~,crate=@crate~,q8c=@q8c~,s1q2a=@s1q2a~,xx1=@xlevel1~,xx2=@xlevel2~,xx3=@xlevel3~,xx4=@xlevel4~,xx5=@xlevel5~,yy1=@ylevel1~,yy2=@ylevel2~,yy3=@ylevel3~,yy4=@ylevel4~,yy5=@ylevel5~">Next</a>"button to continue the survey.<P><FORM><INPUT TYPE="BUTTON" CLASS="BUTTON" VALUE=" Next " style='width: 75px;' WIDTH="75" onClick="window.location=',,,pass=@password~,cterm=@cterm~,crate=@crate,q8c=@q8c~,s1q2a=@s1q2a~,xx1=@xlevel1~,xx2=@xlevel2~,xx3=@xlevel3~,xx4=@xlevel4~,xx5=@xlevel5~,yy1=@ylevel1~,yy2=@ylevel2~,yy3=@ylevel3~,yy4=@ylevel4~,yy5=@ylevel5~'"></FORM></center>>else <center><font class='tahoma21'> This Survey has been Suspended at your request. </font><br><br><font class='tahoma15'>Please return later to finish the survey.<br><br>When you do, remember your password and URL:<br><br><div id="showpass"><!--- <div id="showname"></div> ---><div><strong>Password: @password </strong></div><div><strong>URL: </strong></div></div></font><p><div><input type='button' class='button' style='width: 150px;' value='Restart' onClick='restart();'></div></p><p><div id="showbookmark" style='background:#006699;color:#e3e9f0'></div></p></div>>endif