Starting, stopping, restarting and checking the status of the Portal Server

Iam receiving the following error in my Survox Console. What does it mean and how do I fix it?

Unable to Connect to Portal Server on port 5205.

Connection refused.

The portal server needs to be restarted by typing in:

/home/cfmc/super>/opt/cfmc/survoxconsole886/bin/portsrv restart

When this isn’t started, then the portsrv.log will not have information in it.

The portsrv.log file is located in the the /home/cfmc/super/logs directory.

The command to start the portsrv process is:

/home/cfmc/super>/opt/cfmc/survoxconsole886/bin/portsrv start

The command to stop the portsrv process is:

/home/cfmc/super>/opt/cfmc/survoxconsole886/bin/portsrv stop

The command to check the status on the portsrv process is:

/home/cfmc/super>/opt/cfmc/survoxconsole886/bin/portsrv status

If for any reason the portsrv process does not stop with the “portsrv stop” command, then you can try identifying the portsrv process ID number and then kill it.

The identify the portsrv process, type the following via command line:

ps -ef