SPI Show Phone Information for study – Screens

SPI screens displays up to eight screens of phone system information.

Here is the syntax and an example for showing phone information via a supervisor session:

SPI <a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h> <study>

where <a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h> are any of the eight information screens available.

The default, if no letter is specified, is to display all screens, one after the other, with an automatic timeout on each screen.
In the urvox Console this information can be found under Project Tracking – Sample – Current Call Scheduling and Markets.

Phone Screen A is a cross between time zones and categories for system scheduled numbers. The horizontal axis is divided into the different times zones for the study while the vertical axis is divided into the ten different categories. The values in the table represent the total numbers that satisfy both the time zone and category depending on the cell in the table. Each cell in the table also has a corresponding stack.

Description of information provided in Phone Screen A:

Earliest Callback Date and time of the next scheduled callback today.
Earliest Call Later Date and time of the next scheduled callback after today.
New available The total number of phone records which have yet to be attempted.
Timed Today Total numbers which are scheduled to be called back today, the earliest of which is Earliest Callback.
Timed Later Total numbers which are scheduled to be called on a day later than today.
Resolved Total numbers which have been resolved. This would include completed interviews, nonworking numbers, terminations, refusals, maximum number of attempts, etc.
Resolved phone numbers will not be used again.
In-the-air Total records which have not been returned to the phone file with a status.

This would include currently active records and any records which were not written back to the phone file with a status, probably due to non-normal termination of the interview process. Use FONEUTIL’s option V and U to return these numbers to where they came from.

Hidden Total number of records which are presently hidden. Hidden records may not be dialed. (See FONEUTIL for more information on hidden phone records.) Use FONEUTIL’s option R or SURVSUPR’s REVEAL option to reveal these numbers.
Free Total number of available phone number slots in the phone file. Each number occupies a physical slot in the phone file. When a number is deleted using FONEUTIL, the slot for that number is then free. FONEBULD, when adding numbers to a phone file, first fills any free slots before appending to the file.
Special-1- 9 The total number of scheduled callbacks which will only be released to special type 1 (-9) interviewers. (See SPC,O and the employee information file for information on assigning special interviewer types.)
Rep=# Shows the replicate number of the first phone number in the fresh number stack for each time zone.

Phone Screen B are your current calling parameters. Knowledge of Fonebuld is required to understand all of the parameters set.

The following two items are in addition to the parameters explained in Fonebuld:

Dialings Total number of attempts made since the start of the study. (Current number of dialings is not implemented.)
Completes Total number of completes written to the data file since the start of the study. (Current number of completes is not implemented.)

Phone Screen C displays the timed numbers scheduled for today by half hour and hourly counts.

Phone Screen D displays how soon calls will be available in each of the system callback stacks.

Phone Screen Edisplays callbacks available after today.

Phone Screen F displays the stack grid for the time zones used and tells you how many numbers are available across all markets.

Phone Screen G is similar to the “A” screen in that it shows counts by time zone and day parts, but it is different in that it tries to show only numbers that are currently available. And if there are numbers in the cell but they are currently not available it will mark that cell with a letter or letters denoting why the numbers are currently not available.

Phone Screen H reports on all or a subset of all the markets in the phone file. This includes numbers in the market’s timezone grid and numbers scheduled as timed calls or special interviewer calls.