Setting up your employee VPN account (VPN Tracker 8)

To create a VPN connection using VPN tracker you’ll want to hit the ‘+’ symbol in the lower left portion of the screen. A dialog should appear (see below) requesting a name for the new connection (ex: SF Office connection)

(Please Note: These setting have been tested and verified against 8.1.1 – There may be variations to these steps in other versions of the VPN client)

After naming, you’ll want to select the type of firewall. We use the DELL SonicWALL TZ SeriesSonicOS Enhanced < 4.0

After selecting the appropriate type of firewall, you should be presented with the screen below. Update the setting in your dialog to match the settings in the dialog below.

Select the advanced tab near the top of the screen and verify your setting match those displayed in the dialog below

The first time you attempt to connect, you will be prompted for your ‘Pre-shared Key’ use the following value:have been provided to you by a member of the operations team. If you do not have (or don’t remember) you’re authorization please contact the operations team for updated information.