Setting up Quotas in View Mode

In View Mode, you will need to disallow view/edit mode from looking at the quotas. Below is the documentation on how to do that.

These statements will need to be put into the QPX:



These commands will turn on or off the allowing of View mode for a section of the questionnaire. {!-VIEW} will turn off View mode for a particular section of the questionnaire until a {!VIEW} or {!VIEWX} is seen. Use this to cause quota checks and choose procedures based on quotas not to be re-executed during the viewed interview.

{!-VIEWX} will not show questions in that section but will execute them. Use {!-VIEWX} when you don’t want to see a block of questions in View mode, but still need them executed (skip patterns, for example), so that the interview will behave the same as the original.


This controls how Survent will evaluate QUOTA functions read while in View mode. The default is that IF conditions with quotas on them will be false and EXP questions will return a “0” for the quota value. This is to avoid complications trying to execute the questionnaire using current quota values when the data was collected with quotas that probably were different.

{!VIEW_QUOTA=E} means “evaluate”, and it will return whatever the current value is for the quota reference in the quota file.

{!VIEW_QUOTA=F} (false for IFs) and VIEW_QUOTA=N (O in EXPs) are the defaults.

{!VIEW_QUOTA=T} will return True for IF conditions and EXP QUOTA ( ) references will return 1.

{!VIEW_QUOTA=} is overridden by {!-VIEW}; if {!-VIEW} is set, the whole section will not be executed.

{!VIEWX} after {!-VIEW} will return control to the {!VIEW_QUOTA=}.