Setting up Multi-Mode Studies

The following are our recommendations for setting up a multi-mode study.

You can set up 3 modes – CATI, webCATI, and webSurvent.

Using the Survox Console you can also set up an IVR study along with the other 3 modes.

The modes can share a TR file, QUOTA file, and FONE files. One spec can be used for all modes. Mobile detection can be used to run multi-mode studies on mobile devices. You can suspend in one mode and resume in a different mode or suspend/resume in the same mode.

For all non-Consolemulti-mode studies use the QFF_FILE_NAME= study header option.

For all Console multi-mode studies:
Create one project and select the modes.
Upload the spec into each mode to compile.
Upload the sample to one mode.
Import the sample in one mode. We recommend importing into the webCATI/CATI mode but check off “Use Variable for Second Index” in the phone parameters for the webSurvent passwords.
Run Project Setup – Test and Deploy – Live for each mode.

The following display commands can be used to control webSurvent text versus webCATI text:
+? Displays webCATI only text
+! Displays webSurvent only text

The WSXR (webSurvent Exclude) option can be used on !FIELD,INCLUDE_EXCLUDE questions. This will INCLUDE responses for webCATI only but EXCLUDE responses from webSurvent.

For example:

{ Q1:
2 NO

The above example will display the “9” response in webCATI but will not show it in webSurvent.

Phone Sample

If you want to mark certain records as webSurvent only, use the EMAIL stacks.

If you want records to start in the Email stack, put stack=334 in columns 31.9 of the raw records.

Using the Email_Invite Stack, phone numbers will NOT be released for dialing unless the number is obtained by using Get Specific.

If you want to take a record that was called and make it only available for webSurvent, move those records into the Email_Invite Stack or the Email_Remind Stack. You can do this by using the PHONE_MOVE command.

To retrieve the sample you can use the !PHONE,ALLOW_TO_GET_RECORD_TYPE,EMAIL statement. This will get numbers that are not allowed by default when using a !PHONE,GET_SPECIFIC_NUMBER get specific. The

!PHONE,ALLOW_TO_GET_RECORD_TYPE statement must be before the !PHONE,GET_SPECIFIC_NUMBER statement.

To move records for general calling the easiest is to move them to the Call_Now Stack.

NOTE: Be careful of how many records you are moving. You do not want a lot of records in this stack!!!

No matter which stack a number is in, once the record is completed or resolved in any mode, it is NOT available again.