Setting the ERROR_LIMIT

Setting an error limit will cause a Mentor procedure to stop after completing the procedure for the respondent in which the error limit is reached. If an error_limit of 10 is set, and each of the first three respondents has four errors, the procedure will end after processing the third respondent. The cleaning report will show a total of 12 errors.

Error_limit has no effect on runs where the cleaning errors generated are generated in a ~clean block. Reaching the error_limit causes Mentor to generate a warning. The run will not end in error.

Example Spec:

~comment&errlimit.doc~defproc={proc1:>filetodb cln1 #check [1^1] "Column 1 is not a 1."check [1^2] "Column 1 is not a 2."check [1^3] "Column 1 is not a 3."check [1^4] "Column 1 is not a 4."check [1^5] "Column 1 is not a 5.">eof&&cln1}~set error_limit=7~input errlimit.asc ascii=80~clean&&cln1&&cln1&&cln1~exc proc=proc1~end