Run a Freq/Scan/Listing all in one Mentor spec

The attached specTOPLINEALL.SPXis an example to run List on all Variable and Text Questions, Freq on all Numeric questions, and Scan on all Category and Field Questions.

It was created by saving the spec file from each utility file and combining them together. You can change the study name to run this on any other Study.

>DEFINE @STUDY <STUDY_NAME>>FILL_DEFINES_IN_QUOTES>PURGESAME>PRINTFILE $@STUDY~^lst PAGE_WIDTH=80 -FORMFEED~SET -INIT_SCREEN MARKCORE -AUTONEWPAGE>DB_SIZES= 0 0, 0 0, 0 0,  0 0 R, 0 0>CLOSEQFF>SHUTDOWNCON>-PRINTREPEAT>USEDB @STUDY~^DB>ECHO>ECHO ... Please wait, creating variable listing procedure for>ECHO>ECHO        data file: @STUDY~^tr, # cases:    100>ECHO>ECHO       print file: @STUDY~.lst>ECHO>ECHO>ECHO (NOTE: Press <CTRL>-Y to get job information or terminate run)>ECHO~CLEANERPRT "Computers for Marketing - LIST report - [@STUDY~^tr] - S" Date_timePRT "nnList order: Data case responses listed within each variable"PRT "Question types listed: Text"~DEFINEListbase01: &TOTALCfmclast[$T="End of variable list"1^^N1.12,B]>LISTDB @STUDY~^DB,lstls^dcl,TYPE=VAR=7,&sort=qqnum,&TEMPLATE="""!"",&">REPEAT $A=&&?-Lstls^dclCfmcLAST;~DEFINE PROC={CfMCList:IF FIRST_CASEIF "$A" = "CFMCLAST"TERMINATE "End of variable listing ..."ENDIFPRT "pn**********  $A  **********n"PRT "V2S:" $A ENDIFIF $A AND Listbase01PRT " Case: S , Response: S" Case_id $A  ENDIF}~CLOSE>ECHO>ECHO ... Now processing: $A>ECHO~INPUT @STUDY~^tr &SHARE -READCASESALVAGE_DATA;~EXECUTE PROC=CfMCList~INPUT;~CLOSE>ENDREPEAT~CLN PRT "nnEnd of variable LISTing for [@STUDY~^tr] on s" Date_time>DELETE Lstls^dcl>RESETDB>ECHO>ECHO          End of LIST program for @STUDY~^tr.>ECHO>ECHO          LISTing saved in file @STUDY~.lst>ECHO~COMMENT     END OF SCAN START OF FREQ>CLOSEQFF>SHUTDOWNCON>-PRINTREPEAT~SET -init_screen autotab tabname=F001 markcore table_lines=0 maxvsize=200000>DEMO>ECHO>ECHO   Please wait, FREQ getting variable counts for>ECHO>ECHO     file: @STUDY~^tr>USEDB @STUDY~^DB>PRINTFILE $@STUDY~^CNT~CLN PRT "Computers for Marketing Corp. - FREQ counts for [@STUDY~^tr]n"~DEFINEdataname: [$s="@STUDY~^tr"]EDIT=Edit1:  minfreq=1 -col_tna -t4_for_base prefix="" emptycells=-column_width=15 stub_width=20 tcon=(print_page_numbers -table_names)colinfo=(c=1 -vper -cper/c=2 -freq vper -cper/c=3 cper -vper -freq)calltable=""cperpdecs=1vper=t}HEADER=Freqhead:=Computers for Marketing Corp. - FREQ of @STUDY~^tr - Page #pgnum#}AXIS=Frqcolumn: $T="!" TOTAL WITH TOTAL WITH TOTALBANNER=Frqban: