Recommended procedures for clearing the Browser’s cache and old JavaScripts references

If after a Survox Console, webSurvent or webCATI upgrade you encounter issues with the browser not updating, not behaving properly or no longer functioning it is possible that you need to clear the browser’s cache, Javascripts references or temporary internet files.

After the upgrade, if you do not clear the browser’s cache and Javascripts references it can cause a conflict with the new version that was just installed. The actual behavior can be unpredictable so it is important to do this step in order to avoid subtle problems later on.

All Survox Console and webCATI users should do this. This includes all agents/interviewers, clients, supervisors, and programmers.

To clear the JavaScripts references you will need to “reload” the browser. This can be done by holding down the “shift” key while clicking the browsers “reload” button and on most browsers a Ctrl-R will also force a reload.Further information on how to clear your cache in the various commonly used browsers can be found on the web via a simple web search for “clearing cache”.