Re-Index Fone Files Indices

A fone index file can become corrupt by being overwritten or if a lot of records are deleted out of the fone file. It can also become corrupt if the process hung up some how when adding in additional sample.

All of this can also cause passwords to not be used properly or incorrect records pulled instead of the correct records for webSurvent studies.

The index file will need to be re-built. This can be done without having to delete all records out to ASCII.

Steps to take:

  1. Type in via command line
  2. Type in at the prompt
  3. Type in at the prompt
  4. Type in at the prompt
  5. Type in prompt
  6. Press enter at the Name of a file of phone numbers or <Return> to quit prompt
  7. Type in prompt
  8. Fonebuld will rebuild/re-index the file without adding in any sample.