Overlap of Caseid and Callback Time

In the phone file layout, it appears that the caseid and the callback time overlap if the caseid is longer than 6 characters. The phone file knows the length of the case ID, so although it is very confusing if your ID is longer than 6, there is no real issue with it.

Most times you only have a case ID when the case is completed and if so, you won’t have a callback time. Also, note you only need the ID in 25.x if you are using existing case mode. For reporting purposes you can always just use 5081.10.

If you are using existing case mode and also have a callback time then the system puts a blank space between the two variables. So if you have a 10 character ID in25.10, the callback time would actually start in 37 and not 31. The system then only maintains a 10 character call back time (YYMMDDHHMM) which just barely fits prior to the replicate value.

You can also avoid this entirely by using the phone header keywordand then it will use that location as the place to find the existing case id rather than 25.x