Overflows DBfile directory size, ERROR #3736, ERROR #1555

If you are receiving the following types of errors:

(ERROR #3736) Storing CFM03966 in DBfile /home/cfmc/studies/w27544/w27544.db overflows directory size 10000
(ERROR #1555) There was an error trying to store spec for QA2__96
Either add the command:

>createdb <studyname> e=nnnnn

at the top of your run before the header. Make sure nnnnn is more than the number of questions in the compile.

Or for a longterm solution, add this command to the file $CFMC/control/mentinit (or create that file with the command in it):

>dbsizes=10000 0 30000 0 50000 0 50000 0 30000 0