Mentor Error #5070

(ERROR #5070) for T002 number buckets is 50, try $[median(501)] or $[ptile.xx(501)]
**error** Randomizing the input file so that values are not consecutive may help.

The median is kept track of using “buckets”. Each unique value goes into a bucket until all the buckets are used up. Values above and below the maximum number of buckets get lumped into one bucket and as you get other values the highest or lowest bucket gets removed. If it turns out there are too many categories in the “higher” or “lower” buckets (> 1.2), we can’t figure out the median so you get the error message. By setting the number of buckets higher you give it a better chance of finding the median.

This can be fixed by setting

~set median_cells=1000

at the top of the spec. If that number is not big enough make it higher.