Mentor Error #2445

When trying to run a mentor spec, I’m receiving the following error:

ERROR #2445  stack_3 overflow, i.e. > 1000 [loc.wid]'s, with's, and's, by's, etc.

Theerroris saying that there are over a 1000 joiners in a single variable.

You can fix this one of two ways.

  1. You can usually take one of the “with” statements that is not inside anyparenthesesand change it to $[]male with femalemale $[] female
  2. You can increase the stack3 setting. The default is 1000. You’ll need to see how far you are through the spec it is complaining aboutto know how much to increase this by.”would make it 3 times larger. The drawback from this approach is you will likely also need to increase the size of core memory needs when it starts up or you might run out of room to do something else.

The following would increase the core memory Mentor starts with:
mentor <specfile> -<listfile> core:20000000