Market Weight Zero Status

The market weight zero status optionis asetting in the phone header that controls what happens tonumbers that come up in a closed market (weight of 0) that are not held in the market/timezone/bucket grid.Such numbers are specific timed call backs, special interviewer numbers, and owned numbers. The option can be found on the top right hand side of the phone parameters screen just under the market location setting.

The keyword that can be used to control it is market_weight_zero_status=<value>.

If the value is set to 0, those numbers then are available to be sent to an interviewer’s station and/or the dialer. In most cases, this is not wanted since it can lead to going over quota in that market. However, if keeping the appointment time on a timed call-back is deemed more important than going over quota, setting the value to 0 would make sense.

The two most commonlyused status codesfor this optionare 213 and 214.

Status 213 will do an automatic hide of the record. Control of the next attempt then is done by opening the market and revealing the number.

Status 214 puts the number down in bucket 9 of the closed market and is a better status than 213 for the following reasons:

1) If you have daily or weekly quotas and the market will open up again, those numbers will be immediately available (assuming release hold=yes) so you don’t have to remember to reveal them.

2) Even if you don’t have quotas that will reopen, if a lot of hide and revealing is going on, by putting these numbers in bucket 9 you don’t have to worry about accidentally revealing them. Of course, if you don’t open the market, they’ll just get rehidden when they come up again.

Some status codes like 211 and 212 are NOT allowed as they could cause the system to get into an infinite loop.

NOTE: If a number in a closed markedis requestedby an interviewer using the get specific option (phone, getspecific_number) that number will be given to the interviewer regardless of the setting for market_weight_zero_status. The reason being you may have a live respondent on the phone and this would then allow you to generate your own custom errors to give the interviewer rather than any generic one created by the system.

You should change any existing shopfiles to contain the correct value. It won’t hurt to set this value if markets are NOT used in the phone file.