Linux ssh sessions immediately timing out

Problem:  Linux ssh sessions immediately timing outPotential Solution: edit /etc/ssh/sshd_config, make sure the following values exist and make sure the following commented (#'d) lines are commented in this file, then restart the sshd process (e.g., "service sshd restart")# X11UseLocalhost yes# PrintMotd yes# PrintLastLog yesTCPKeepAlive yes# UseLogin noUsePrivilegeSeparation no# PermitUserEnvironment no# Compression yesClientAliveInterval 300ClientAliveCountMax 3# UseDNS yes# PidFile /var/run/sshd.pidMaxStartups 175# ShowPatchLevel noNOTE: This is an aid for ONLY the most desperate situations.  The numeric values shown are only done so as an attempt to get ssh running reasonably and should be fine tuned by your system manager.  Please consult your system manager and/or check out the man pages by typing "man 5 sshd_config" for more info if this is a non-urgent situation.