Limits Document

Items in bold are header keywords that can be used to increase the value from the default


Caselength – default is 800 characters/max is 200,000 characters

Number of cases in a file – No defined maximum, although no file can be more than 4 gigabytes in size

Maximum_Labels – default is 64,000 labels/max is 1,000,000 labels

Maximum_QFF_File_Size – default is 1 megabyte/max is 50 megabytes

Maximum_Question_Size – default is 64,000 bytes per question

Answer_Length – default is 65,000/max is 1,000,000

Maximum_Grid_Questions – default is 200/max is 5000 grid questions

Maximum_Journal_File_Size – default is 150,000,000 bytes/max is 536,870,000 bytes

Maximum study code size is 30 characters.

Maximum question label size is 30 characters.

Maximum number of questions/variables per spec is 32,000.

Maximum response in a text question is 5,000 characters.

Maximum number of open ends per spec is 5,000.

Maximum number in a num/expr question is 15 digits with 7 decimal places.

Maximum data columns allowed on a question is 5000.

Maximum password length is 20 characters.

Maximum number of languages supported is 365 per spec.

Maximum number of questions allowed in a rotate is 10,000.

Maximum number of studies that can be active on the study server is 200.


Maximum number of named quotas is 3000. 1000 if you using triple quota mode.

Maximum number of characters allowed in a named quota is 28. But the QSS will truncate at 14 characters if using Triple Quotas.

Maximum_Quota_Now – default is 5 per interview

Maximum_Quota_Number – default is 100/max is 2,156,000,000


Maximum number of Fone Records is 10,000,000 records. (NOTE: File size approximately 11GB)

Maximum amount of phone text area is 4900.

Maximum number of phone history slots is 99.

Maximum # of Markets – 960 markets with 10 timezones. Rule is markets times time zones must be <= 9600.

Maximum number of characters allowed in a market name is 20.

Maximum_Phone_M – default is 5 per interview


Maximum Number of studies/campaigns that can be active on the dialer at one time is 200.


Maximum Variable Size – default is 200,000