I have plenty of fresh numbers but I’m not getting any

  • What time is it? (What time does the server think it is? (machine time could be wrong)) Compare this to your day part times.
  • Which timezone is defined in your ttyfile? It should be set to your local time zone.
  • What are your day part times and/or what time periods is the sample currently in? (remember, day part time is local to the RESPONDENT)
  • What are the #ATT for each day part time period? (Is the current period set to 0?)
  • Check “new numbers avail” is NOT 0. The default is -1 which does not limit the number of fresh phone numbers available.
  • Check that the zone weights are >0, especially those times zones with fresh numbers in them that you want to dial.
  • Are you using markets? Are any market weights set to 0?
  • Are you using replicates? Try a higher max replicate.
  • Are there currently more “in-the-air” numbers than interviewers on the system? If so, get everyone off the study, shut it down, run foneutil to V)erify, U (Return on-the-floor numbers) and X) fix the file.