How to ZAP or ERASE records while live via Supervisor command prompt

From the Supervisor command prompt you can issue “phone_zap <study> last save <select statement>”.

Below is further elaborate information on how to do this.


The “Phone_zap” and “Phone_erase” commands have been enhanced to match thefunctionality available in foneutil as follows:

Syntax: Phone_zap <study> last save <select statement>

Phone_erase <study> last save <select statement>

This removes call histories and makes the sample “new”. The “last” commandwill cause it to remove the “last” history only. The “save” command willcause it to save the history of the call even though you are returning thenumber to it’s previous (callable) state. In earlier versions of v8.1 thiscommand did not have the “last” and “save” keywords available.