How to use the work_length option of ~input

Work_length option on ~input

  1. Work_length cannot be less than the case width.
  2. Work_length must be less than or equal to total_length.
  3. Work_length is the number of columns, starting from column one, that will be cleared from memory before each new case is read in.
  4. When total_length is specified, and total_length is greater than work_length, the first column available for cross case operations is column number work_length + 1. Columns work_length + 1 through total_length are not cleared when a new case is read in.
  5. When work_length is specified, and total_length is not, the total_length is effectively the work_length. Thus a writecase statement having no column specifications will write out columns one through work_length.

Example spec:

~input worklen.asc ascii=80 work_length=85 total_length=90~cleanprint "s" [75.15$]m [75.15$]="xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"print "s" [75.15$] nextprint "s" [75.15$]m [75.15$]="123456789012345"print "s" [75.15$] ~end