How to use the SQL output files from Reformat

The SQL output files that are generated are designed to work for sure in the MySQL database system. It is pretty standard SQL but there might be differences depending on which database system a client uses.

When Reformat is run and SQL output is requested there are two additional files created compared to our standard data output. In addition the standard format output defaults to tab delimited.

There are four output files created when asking for SQL output. The two normal files, .rfl (map file) and .rft (data file), are the same as creating delimited output files. The other two files contain SQL statements. The .sql/.def file contains the statements to create a database table, and the .tab file contains the statements to insert the data into the database table.

To load the .rft file into the database a file can be created with the following MySQL commands/statements, or they can be typed in directly. If a file is created then the file can be piped into MySQL (cat filename